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Zelensky Criticizes Trump’s Grasp of Putin’s Intentions Amid EU’s Efforts to Strengthen Ukrainian Defense

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has voiced criticism against former US President Donald Trump, suggesting that Trump‘s lack of military confrontation with Russia has led to a misunderstanding of Russian leader Vladimir Putin‘s intentions. In an interview with CNN, Zelensky expressed disbelief at Trump‘s perceived alignment with Putin, emphasizing that Trump‘s encounters with Putin did not involve direct conflict. Zelensky underscored the importance of firsthand experience in comprehending Putin‘s relentless pursuit of goals, particularly amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Zelensky‘s remarks come amid growing concerns over the adequacy of international support for Ukraine’s military efforts against Russian aggression. European countries, including France, have rallied behind the idea of the European Union procuring munitions from outside Europe to bolster Kyiv’s military capabilities. The proposal, championed by the Czech Republic and backed by several EU members, aims to address the shortage of critical ammunition, such as artillery shells, crucial for Ukraine’s defense.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala highlighted the significance of the initiative as a strong message to Russia, signaling solidarity with Ukraine in its struggle against aggression. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte pledged over 100 million euros in support of the Czech plan, emphasizing the urgency of addressing Ukraine’s immediate military needs. However, Rutte refrained from disclosing specific countries outside Europe that might be approached for munitions production, citing confidentiality.

Meanwhile, amid logistical challenges in meeting previous commitments, particularly in delivering one million shells to Ukraine by March, EU leaders are working on a concrete plan to strengthen ammunition procurement capacity. Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa affirmed that EU defense ministers would present a detailed strategy within the next 10 days to enhance support for Ukraine’s military efforts.

Source: Novinite