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Grandmother looks forward to being reunited with missing Concord boys

A local grandmother is breathing a sigh of relief after her two young grandsons were found safe in Missouri Monday.  

Concord Police said 8-year-old Josiah Brooks and 11-year-old Aaron Toliver were kidnapped from their neighbor’s yard on Wilshire Avenue SW Saturday. The prime suspect was their father, Aaron Toliver, 35, who did not have custody at the time of the abduction. 

Roseann Toliver, the boys’ grandmother, said her grandsons have lived with her for most of their lives, but in 2022, they lived with their father in Washington state and Vancouver. Toliver said when she learned of the conditions the boys were living in, she was granted temporary custody. They had been living with her again since Christmas. 

“I later discovered that they were found to be sleeping in the woods on the ground during wintertime,” said Toliver. “A lot of people think, ‘well, that’s their father or that’s their mother.’ But if that person is not in the right mind, if that person is drug-addicted severely, they cannot make good judgments on behalf and in the interest of the children. And the children suffer.” 

Lorita Cagle lives at the home where the boys were abducted Saturday. Her grandsons play outside daily with the boys.  

“Basketballs have a distinct noise,” she said. “That pound, pound, pound. It wasn’t there yesterday. It was just missing. But we’re going to hear that noise real soon again.” 

In addition to the Concord Police Department, the United States Secret Service, the US Marshal’s Service, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, and the Atchison County (Mo.) Sheriff’s Office assisted in the search for the missing boys, who are currently in protective custody until they can be reunited with their grandmother.  

“I’m happy about my grandsons, but I’m still pained that my son has to pay the price for his decision,” said Toliver. “When drugs get involved, you lose that person. But you never stop loving them.” 

Toliver and the boys were found at a Super 8 hotel in Rock Port, Missouri. Once returned to North Carolina, Toliver will be charged with a misdemeanor violation of a protective order and felony abduction by a parent. 

Source: QC News