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Wreaths Across America Stops in Southbury

SOUTHBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — Every year, the non-profit organization Wreaths Across America brings thousands of holiday wreaths from New England down to Arlington National Cemetery. This year, the convoy made a stop in Southbury.

When the convoy goes through a town like Southbury, things get loud, with honking horns and wailing sirens from a police escort. The idea is to make sure people pay attention.

“We need to teach the next generation not only to love this country, but to understand that with freedom comes responsibility,” said Karen Worcester, the executive director of Wreaths Across America.

Southbury resident Bill Dwyer knows all about that. His twin brother was one of the last Americans killed in the Vietnam War.

“People volunteer for doing military service and they give a lot to their country during their time,” Dwyer said. “Most people get out of it unharmed, others get hurt. We’re on that side of it.”

Dwyer served. His son was injured serving, and his Gold Star family was honored with their own wreath at a ceremony. This year, Wreaths Across America will put about 3 million wreaths on veterans’ graves and veterans memorials like the ones in Southbury. Parked down the road were 13 tractor trailers filled with wreaths headed from the group’s headquarters in Maine down to Arlington National Cemetery.

“This year, we’re expected to be in over 4,000 cemeteries nationwide, including lots of locations here in Connecticut,” said Jeff Pierce, the organization’s director of broadcast and media partnerships.

Southbury’s residents have a long history of service, dating back to the revolutionary war.

“Many a local boy dropped their farm tools out in the cornfield and went off on foot to respond to the 1775 Boston alarm of Lexington and Concord,” Southbury town historian John Dwyer said.

The convoy will make stops all week long on its way south to remind everyone that freedom is not free, and the cost, too often, is human life. Lots of these wreaths will be placed all across America in the coming days, especially this upcoming weekend.

Source: News8 wthn