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Warmington Announces “Mayors for Cinde” Coalition

Concord, NH – On the heels of the endorsement of Mayor-elect Jay Kahn of Keene last week, Executive Councilor Cinde Warmington’s campaign for governor announced today the formation of a coalition of “Mayors of Cinde” – which consists of six mayors and mayor-elects from all across New Hampshire, including:

  • Jay Kahn, Mayor-elect of Keene
  • Byron Champlin, Mayor-elect of Concord
  • Jim Bouley, Mayor of Concord
  • Dale Girard, Mayor of Claremont
  • Dana Hilliard, Mayor of Somersworth
  • Andrew Hosmer, Mayor of Laconia

With this addition, Cinde Warmington has more current and incoming mayors endorsing her campaign for governor than any other candidate, Republican or Democrat, in this race.

Mayor Jim Bouley of Concord said, “I’ve known Cinde for decades and she’s the fighter we need to win next year. In her time on the Executive Council, Cinde has worked across the aisle and with officials in big cities and small towns throughout the entire state to deliver real results for Granite Staters. We need a leader in the corner office who actually understands how to work with others. Cinde is the only candidate like that and the only one who can win in November.”

Mayor Andrew Hosmer of Laconia said, “Cinde’s record of accomplishments and leadership on the Executive Council distinguish her as the best candidate running for governor. Whether it’s health care, economic development, or housing, I know Cinde will continue prioritizing the needs of communities throughout New Hampshire. Granite Staters deserve a governor who stands with them and is willing to fight for them.”

Mayor-elect Byron Champlin of Concord said, “I’m proud to be on Cinde’s team because I know she has what it takes to win. This is our best chance in a long time to flip the corner office from red to blue and we simply must put up the best candidate we have. As the recent mayoral elections have shown us, there’s no doubt that that’s Cinde Warmington.”

Mayor Dana Hillard of Somersworth said, “It is long past time we finally have a Democrat in the corner office and Cinde Warmington is the candidate who can get there. She knows how to fight and, more importantly, she knows how to win.”

Mayor Dale Girard of Claremont said, “I’ve been on Team Cinde since she launched her campaign because I knew she would make a fantastic governor, but now more than ever it’s clear we need to get behind the candidate that can win. There is so much at stake in this election and I’m confident Cinde will lead us to victory.”

This coalition of support is in addition to the nearly 350 endorsements that Cinde Warmington has previously received from elected officials and local leaders since launching her campaign in June. This list includes broad support across the political spectrum, from moderate elected officials to progressive activists, that demonstrates her depth of support in all 10 counties across the state, amongst mayors, in the legislature, and from the grassroots up.

Source: Manchester Ink Link