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War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Ethnic Cleansing Determination in Sudan

Since the outbreak of fighting on April 15, the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) have unleashed horrific violence, death, and destruction across Sudan. Civilians have borne the brunt of this needless conflict. Detainees have been abused and some killed at SAF and RSF detention sites. Across Sudan, the RSF and allied militias have terrorized women and girls through sexual violence, attacking them in their homes, kidnapping them from the streets, or targeting those trying to flee to safety across the border.  In haunting echoes of the genocide that began almost 20 years ago in Darfur, we have seen an explosion of targeted violence against some of the same survivors’ communities.  Masalit civilians have been hunted down and left for dead in the streets, their homes set on fire, and told that there is no place in Sudan for them.

Based on the State Department’s careful analysis of the law and available facts, I have determined that members of the SAF and the RSF have committed war crimes in Sudan.  I have also determined that members of the RSF and allied militias have committed crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing.

The expansion of the needless conflict between RSF and the SAF has caused grievous human suffering.  The SAF and the RSF must stop this conflict now, comply with their obligations under international humanitarian and human rights law, and hold accountable those responsible for atrocities.  They also must adhere to the commitments they made to allow unhindered humanitarian assistance and implement confidence building measures that can lead to a sustainable cessation of hostilities.  Arms and funding flowing to the warring parties only prolong a conflict that has no acceptable military solution.

This determination provides force and renewed urgency to African and international efforts to end the violence, address the humanitarian and human rights crisis, and work towards meaningful justice for victims and the affected communities that ends decades of impunity.  Today’s determination does not preclude the possibility of future determinations as additional information about the parties’ actions becomes available.  The United States is committed to building on this determination and using available tools to end this conflict and cease committing the atrocities and other abuses that are depriving the Sudanese people of freedom, peace, and justice.

Source : State.Gov