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The Northeast Corner of the U.S. is Aging Most Rapidly

Within the U.S., some regions are aging more rapidly than others. In particular, the New England states of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine stand out for the rapid growth in their 65-and-over population.

Vermont leads the nation with a 5.9 percentage point increase in its senior population between 2012 and 2022, followed closely by Maine at 5.6 and New Hampshire at 5.5. Western states including Wyoming (+5.6 percentage points), Hawaii (+5.4), and Alaska (+5.3) also rank highly for their rates of growth.

At the local level, the most rapidly aging cities in the U.S. are spread throughout the country. In some cases, Sun Belt destinations are proving to be attractive retirement locations that are bringing more older Americans into the population. In others, economic decline has limited the number of younger people moving in or families adding children, allowing the existing older population to grow.

Below is a breakdown of the most rapidly aging cities grouped by size. The analysis was conducted by U.S. Money Reserve using data from the U.S. Census Bureau. For more information on how the analysis was conducted, refer to the methodology section.

Source: Nonstop Local