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Robbery Threat At Concord Dunkin’; Drowning Reported In Canterbury

CONCORD, NH — Friday was another busy night for first responders in Concord and the capital region.

EMTs from Belmont and Boscawen and Concord boat teams were sent to drowning report in Canterbury on Baptist Road at Crane Neck Pond around 7:30 p.m. Capital Area Mutual Aid Fire Compact told firefighters a man was pulled from the pond and was on the shore. People swimming in the area had difficulty getting access to cell phone service and had to walk about a half mile away from the scene to report the drowning, dispatch said.

Canterbury forestry and UTV teams, as well as Engine 2, also went to the scene while Concord’s Tower 1 was also requested.

Belmont EMTs drove an ambulance into the area and were assisted by the UTV team. Other firefighters staged at the road.

A Loudon UTV was requested around 9 p.m. but returned to service after first responders reached the person and confirmed they were dead. Concord firefighters were also returned to service.

Robbery Threat At Dunkin’

Concord police were sent to Dunkin’ Donuts on Loudon Road for a report of a robbery threat.

The report was submitted to the police just past 8 p.m. by a store manager, who requested police come to the store for a security check and to investigate the matter. The manager met with the police later at the store.

According to dispatch, someone, calling from a blocked phone, demanded employees put all of the store’s money in a cash register into a bag in preparation for a robbery. Employees immediately closed the store and contacted the manager, who called the police.

Fight At Pleasant Street Apartment

Around 8:15 p.m., police and fire rescue teams were sent to Pleasant Street between Gale and Tuttle streets for a report of a fight at an apartment complex.

An elderly woman was reportedly on the ground. Police said she was breathing but not conscious. An officer said after about 10 minutes, she began to wake up.

She was taken to Concord Hospital.

While at the hospital, police dealt with another issue — a woman in her late 30s having issues being secured to a yellow pod.

They cleared later.

Around 9:15 p.m., police were sent to Elm Street in Penacook for a report of a crash.

A resident requested a pizza delivery. When the driver arrived, the pizza was delivered. But the driver was accused of crashing into the customer’s car. An altercation then began, according to reports.

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