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Robbery, Theft, Assault, Resisting Arrest Charges At A Concord Subway

Employees use chairs to restrain felon Michael Leo Lyon of Canaan after accusing him of stealing money from a tip jar, attempting to flee.

A man from Canaan is facing robbery, theft, assault, and other charges after an incident at the Downtown Concord Subway restaurant last month.

Around 7:30 p.m. on March 7, officers were sent to the North Main Street eatery for a report of an attempted robbery at the store and a suspect who was being held. A caller told police the suspect was being held and they had a knife.

When officers arrived, a store employee was on top of Michael Leo Lyon, 32, of Route 4 in Canaan, an affidavit said.

“Michael was in a seated position with his upper body bent forward toward his legs,” the officer wrote.

Officers spoke to the employee and asked him what was going on. The report said the employee said Lyon “would freak out” if he let him go. The officer requested he let go of Lyon, which he did, and then placed him face down on the restaurant floor and handcuffed him, the affidavit stated.

Other officers arrived, and Lyon was taken to police headquarters.

The reporting officer reviewed video surveillance at the restaurant and accused Lyon of pulling a dollar from a tip jar, walking over to another person, and waving it in their face, the report stated. Another employee approached him, and he began to leave the restaurant, the affidavit said. The officer wrote the first employee then grabbed Lyon, and the two started fighting and fell onto the ground. The report said the second employee attempted to assist, and the three were fighting for two to three minutes, the officer said.

The officer accused Lyon of being the aggressor — stating he struck one employee in the face. Shortly after, the other two employees hit Lyon with chairs and attempted to restrain him.

In statements, the employees and witnesses accused Lyon of stealing the money, swiping it in their faces, and refusing to put it back. They all wrote in statements that Lyon attempted to fight his way out of the restaurant after the employees tried to keep him from leaving, the report said.

Lyon was charged with felony robbery, simple assault, theft by unauthorized taking, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest or detention.

The report said the resisting charge was due to Lyon being accused of tensing his arms and refusing to cede while being handcuffed to be taken to the Merrimack County Jail.

“I pushed Michael up against the cell door of the booking cell and myself and (another) officer struggled with him for over 30 seconds before we managed to get him into handcuffs.”

Lyons was arraigned the next day. He was released on bail, but it was revoked later, and a warrant was issued for his arrest on March 29. According to the Merrimack County Superior Court, he is still at large.

Other superior court records show Lyon has had a few run-ins with the law.

In March 2012, he was accused of second-degree assault and two violation of protective order charges, which he pleaded guilty to in March 2013. He was found violating probation or parole in August 2013, October 2014, and January 2015.

In June 2012, he was accused of two burglary charges in Canaan. Lyon pleaded guilty to one charge while another was dismissed. He was found violating probation or parole in October 2014 and January 2015.

Lyons was arrested in October 2014 on an assault charge after a domestic dispute at the Fairfield Inn on Gulf Street, according to a prior post on Patch.

Source: Patch