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Registered Sex Offenders In Concord Targeted By Phone Scam

CONCORD, NH — Concord police are investigating a nationwide fraud, including in New Hampshire, where sex offenders were targeted and scammed out of money.

In a Concord police alert, investigators said people on the New Hampshire Sex Offender Registry are being called and told they had active warrants for failing to provide a second DNA test. The scammers are claiming to be officers or detectives with the department.

“The caller says a notice was mailed in reference to the second DNA test,” the alert stated. “The caller tells the sex offender that they must pay a certain amount of money for the warrant to be dismissed. The caller may offer to help the target avoid arrest by paying them, the scammer, a fee in cash, or by using a prepaid money card or gift card.”

The scammers then request personal information — including a Social Security number or bank information. Sometimes, the scammers will threaten the sex offenders with arrest if they do not pay the fee.

“This is a scam,” police said. “The Concord Police Department will never contact anyone by telephone and ask for personal account information or payment of any kind to avoid arrest.”

If you receive a call requesting personal and financial information, hang up; do not converse with the caller. Continue to hang up if they call back. Also, do not give the caller any personal or banking information. And do not feel threatened or intimidated, the alert said.

Source : Patch