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NH Applying for Pandemic EBT Assistance, After Uncertainty

At the start of this week, it wasn’t clear whether New Hampshire was going to apply for additional federal aid to help food insecure children. But now the state Department of Health and Human services says it will seek the additional aid after all.

Just hours before Friday’s deadline, the state confirmed it would join over 40 other states and territories requesting the pandemic EBT assistance.

Officials had been previously unsure if they would apply because of concerns over eligibility and implementation.

This aid is designed to help families during summer vacation, but state health department officials anticipate not being able to distribute the benefits until later this year.

According to anti-hunger advocates, this help is vital now as food insecurity rates climb and other pandemic-related supports end.

Laura Milliken, executive director of NH Hunger Solutions, said her organization will offer to work with the state to distribute the benefits as quickly as possible.

Source : NHPR