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New Hampshire Department of Corrections to Deploy Officer Experience Platform – Command Cloud from GUARDIAN RFID

MAPLE GROVE, Minn. — GUARDIAN RFID today announced the New Hampshire Department of Corrections (NHDOC) has signed a multi-year agreement to rollout Command Cloud, the world’s first officer experience platform, in a statewide deployment to all NHDOC correctional facilities, correctional officers, and civilian employees.

New Hampshire DOC will be implementing the AI, RFID, mobility, business intelligence, and biometric capabilities of Command Cloud. The Department is facing historic vacancy rates among corrections officers and other critical staff positions, and digitizing workflows through GUARDIAN RFID will in turn strengthen security and vigilance for all staff while increasing safety and security for all residents. This initiative also aligns with their mission to enhance public safety in New Hampshire.

“Deploying GUARDIAN RFID underscores the department’s strong commitment to the safety and security of our employees,” said Commissioner Helen Hanks. “Command Cloud will enhance staff safety, boost efficiency in daily tasks, and ultimately elevate the quality of services provided to our residents. The New Hampshire Department of Corrections is excited to be a part of shaping the future of corrections technology.”

Command Cloud is a SOC 2 Type 2 compliant platform of integrated applications and services that supports a modern tech stack, including computer vision, machine learning, RFID, mobile, and native Cloud capabilities powered by AWS and runs in AWS GovCloud. New Hampshire DOC will also be fully leveraging Command Cloud’s revolutionary AI-powered observation check capabilities that use machine learning to ensure the performance of staggered, irregular rounds, replacing their use of Guard1 from TimeKeeping Systems, Inc.

Today, over 60% of correctional officers nationwide blame staffing levels, policies, and poor technology as main drivers of their stress.

“The need to modernize the correctional officer has never been more important,” said Ken Dalley, founder and Chief Warrior, GUARDIAN RFID. “Command Cloud is a transformational platform that helps correctional officers focus on what they need to know, and what they need to do, and we’re excited to be helping customers like the New Hampshire Department of Corrections achieve their objectives.”

About New Hampshire Department of Corrections

The New Hampshire Department of Corrections is charged with overseeing the state’s correctional facilities, supervising probationers and parolees, and contributes in an advisory capacity to the prevention of crime and delinquency. The Department had an incarcerated resident population of approximately 1,940, with 4,600 probationers and parolees, and 1,000 employees. New Hampshire Department of Corrections is headquartered in Concord.


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Source: Financial Post