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Motorcycle Hit-And-Run Crash In Downtown Concord Investigated: Watch

CONCORD, NH — Concord police are investigating a hit-and-run crash in Downtown Concord on Sunday.

Just before 11 p.m., police discovered a crash on South Main Street involving a motorcycle struck by a vehicle. The vehicle, later identified as an SUV, left the scene later. An officer pursued a suspect vehicle, a possible Ford Explorer, onto Storrs Street and the north side of the capital shopping plaza.

Upon learning about the crash, other officers asked if the first officer was involved in a pursuit and they confirmed they were. Other officers then headed downtown and immediately closed part of the street in front of The Draft and Concord Casino.

A mangled motorcycle could be seen up on the sidewalk.

A few minutes later, fire and rescue teams were sent to the area for a report of a motorcycle being struck by a vehicle that fled the scene. The rider of the bike was from Loudon, dispatch said, and EMTs evaluated him.

After speaking with the rider, one officer told others to look for front-end damage on the Explorer, a newer model, like the police vehicles, according to scanner chatter. They also described a suspect — a woman with blonde hair, possibly wearing light blue clothes similar to medical scrubs.

Another officer at headquarters said the vehicle registration did not match the one on file.

During the investigation, one officer visited Wow Billiard & Bar and requested to look at surveillance video to get a description of a woman. She reportedly arrived at the bar two hours before, an officer said.

The motorcycle was towed from the scene.

Source: Patch