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Mass. Man Indicted On Burglary, Strangulation Charges: Court Roundup

CONCORD, NH — A Merrimack County grand jury recently indicted the following people.

Courtney M. Beaulieu, 31, of Pearl Street in Derry on a felony theft by unauthorized taking charge. She was indicted after an incident in Hooksett between April 5 and April 14. Twice before, she has been convicted on theft charges.

Timothy Belcourt, 49, of Shaw Road in Northfield on a felony controlled drug act; acts prohibited-methamphetamine charge in Concord on June 20.

Nicholas Benjamin, 31, of Queen Street in Boscawen on two felony controlled drug act; acts prohibited charges, alprazolam and meth, in Concord on May 24.

Nathaniel Bergeron, 27, of Elm Street in Pittsfield on two felony controlled drug act; acts prohibited charges, meth and fentanyl, on May 12 in Concord.

Sheila Berube, 55, of South Main Street in Concord on two felony possession of controlled drug-subsequent charges, fentanyl and meth, on May 8 in Bow.

Sabrina Bostwick, 27, of Kendall Street in Franklin on a felony possession of meth charge on May 19 in Warner.

Adam L. Thompson, 46, of Pinewood Trail in Concord on a felony possession of a controlled drug charge, parafluorofentanyl and fentanyl mix, on May 26 in Concord.

Cassandra Thornton, 26, of Laraway Court in Derry on a felony controlled drug act; acts prohibited-meth charge in Hooksett on Oct. 15, 2022.

Tyler J. Towne, 43, of Route 3 in Lincoln on a felony possession of fentanyl charge on Jan. 3 in Concord.

Nathan D. Walsh, 29, of Middleboro, Massachusetts, incarcerated at the time of the indictment on burglary and three counts of second-degree assault, all felonies. He was accused of burglarizing a home in Franklin and repeatedly strangling a woman on May 9.

Bridget Watson, 48, of Birchwood Terrace in Henniker on Medicaid fraud-false records, Medicaid fraud-false claims, and theft by deception charges, all felonies. She was accused of defrauding Medicaid of more than $1,500 between June 2020 and April 7 in Concord.

Source : Patch