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Lakes Region Child Sexual Assaulter Charged with Murder

CONCORD, NH — A convicted child sexual assaulter from the Lakes Region with a lengthy criminal history dating back nearly two decades has been arrested on a murder charge.

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office and police in Ossipee arrested William Kelly, 38, with a last known address of Water Village Road in Ossipee, on a murder charge. He was accused of killing Christine Falzone, 33, in Ossipee on Sunday. Limited information is available about the case, but Kelly was expected to be arraigned Monday in Carroll County Superior Court.

According to the state, Kelly was convicted on a felonious sexual assault charge, where the victim was under 16 but over 13, with an age difference of two or more years, in March 2009 in Carroll County. Before the child sexual assault conviction, he was convicted of criminal mischief, simple assault, drug possession, and endangerment of a child-incompetent charges between 2004 and 2009.

After being convicted on the child sexual assault charge, he was also charged and convicted on five counts of violation of probation or parole between 2009 and 2012, domestic violence-second degree assault in August 2019, a sex offender registration charge in December 2012, and duty to report and duty to inform charges in August 2011.

Source: Patch