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How Do You Fix the Concord Rotary? MassDOT Studying Route 2 Traffic Problems

CONCORD – Local officials met with MassDOT at the end of November to discuss the trouble spots on the Route 2 corridor. The state’s highway division has done a significant amount of study from Leominster to Lincoln to identify major traffic problems for commuters.

“MassDOT is already deep in the study process for improvements to the Route 2 corridor including the Concord rotary,” said Rep. Simon Cataldo, a Concord Democrat. “The studies they’ve done so far make it clear while there are several problem spots, the Concord rotary is the biggest contributor to traffic in the area.”

The state representative for the 14th Middlesex District has been a big proponent of changing the accident-prone rotary. He told WBZ-TV mostly ground-level options were talked about at the meeting which would greatly improve traffic in the area, but they’re still working on formulating a study for an above-grade option like an overpass. Constructing an above-grade option would likely be the most expensive project. Cataldo says he wants to see the best plan put into motion and have it done right the first time.

“We want a change that’s proportional to the traffic needs now and in the future so I urge MassDOT to complete a study not only for at-grade solutions but also an above-grade solution at the rotary,” he said.

In the next several months there will be broad community input sessions to try and get more feedback as they continue to study the above-grade options for the rotary.

Source: CBS News