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Homeless Woman Indicted On Concord Stolen Car Charge: Court Roundup

CONCORD, NH — The following people were indicted by a grand jury recently in Merrimack County.

Jasmine R. Hughes, 22, of Putney Road in Brattleboro, Vermont, on a felony controlled drug act; acts prohibited-buprenorphine and naloxone mix charge in Hopkinton on May 24.

Randy Inman, 46, of New Hampshire Drive in Webster on a felony falsifying physical evidence charge. He was accused of concealing his cell phone in a fake rock under a window at his house, believing an investigation by New Hampshire Department of Fish & Game was pending on Jan. 12.

Nicholas A. Janas, 38, of Black Brook Road in Goffstown on two felony possession of controlled drug-subsequent, fentanyl and cocaine, charges in Bow on Jan. 27.

Roberto C. Jourdan, 26, of Pomona Street in Springfield, Massachusetts, on a felony burglary charge. He was accused of burglarizing Page’s Country Store and Deli on Concord Stage Road in Dunbarton on Aug. 25, 2022.

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Robert Kenneson, 58, of Sandogrady Pond Road in Northfield on two felony possession of controlled drug-fentanyl and methamphetamine, charges in Concord on March 28.

Carly Knapp, 25, of Windward Road in Franklin on a felony possession of a controlled drug, fentanyl, meth, and xylazine mix, on April 15 in Franklin.

Jordian L. Koehler, 26, of Woodlawn Drive in Allenstown on a felony possession of a controlled drug-methylphenidate charge on March 14 in Bow.

Kassie K. Kowack, 33, a homeless woman now located in Concord, on a felony receiving stolen property charge. She was accused of retaining a stolen car on May 18 in Concord.

Source : Patch