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Hampshire County Council: Climate Change Progress Report

OVER 45,000 tonnes of carbon emissions are estimated to be saved through a community initiative backed by Hampshire County Council, a new report has shown.

The initiative called the Solar Together scheme offers households the opportunity to buy solar panels as a group for lower prices. So far, 2,100 households have taken part resulting in the installation of thousands of rooftop solar power. The figures were reported in the county council’s climate change annual progress report, presented to the Cabinet on Tuesday, December 12.

County council leader Councillor Rob Humby said: “It is particularly timely to be presented with this report – on the concluding day of COP28, where we have heard world leaders speak of recognising the value of local cooperation. This is a way of working that we have embraced in Hampshire.

“Clearly there is good progress being made across the county, as well as within our own organisation, but there is still a great deal to be done in this area and it is important that we continue to work in partnership with organisations and local communities to meet our shared climate change goals.

“As one individual organisation, the County Council simply cannot tackle climate change alone so I, for one, am grateful to our partners, community groups and residents for their commitment in taking action. Together, we stand a much better chance of reaching Hampshire’s climate targets by 2050.”

The targets, set by the county council in 2019 after they declared a Climate Emergency include Hampshire becoming carbon neutral by 2050, as well as building resilience to a two-degree rise in temperature.

Communities across the county are being supported by the Greening Campaign, according to the annual report. The Greening Campaign focuses on tackling climate change on a community level, delivering grassroots projects across the county. It also encourages residents to reduce energy usage and make space for nature.

Hampshire County Council is constructing dedicated walking and cycling routes to allow people to use alternative methods of transport to cut down on emissions. Other key areas include making buildings and homes more energy efficient, generating local renewable energy and protecting and enhancing the natural environment.

Source: Andover Advertiser