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Fentanyl Dealing Fugitive Sentenced to 12 Months in Jail: Follow-up

CONCORD, NH — A fentanyl dealing fugitive of the week, on the lam for months, was captured in November and sentenced to 12 months in prison on a violation of probation charge.

Michael W. Kemp, 43, was featured in late July after being accused of a probation violation after being convicted on a fentanyl with intent to sell charge. Many months later, on Nov. 9, Claremont police found Kemp and arrested him. After his arrest, he was taken to the Sullivan County Jail, where he remains.

On Nov. 28, he was sentenced to 12 months in jail on the probation charge “for being unsuccessfully discharged from the Sullivan County Department of Corrections’ Transitional Reentry and Inmate Life Skills Program,” an alert stated. Corrections thanked the Claremont police for its assistance with the case.

Kemp’s criminal history includes criminal mischief, theft, and possession of drugs. According to superior court records, Kemp was accused of controlled drug: acts prohibited in Claremont in June 2021. He pleaded guilty to a single count in May 2022. About 13 months later, he was accused of violating probation, and an arrest warrant was issued on June 7.

In February 2022, he was accused of contempt, filed initially as felony bail jumping, out of Newport. He was found guilty in May 2022. Kemp was also civilly sued by the state for $4,556 in July 2021 in Sullivan County Superior Court. He lost a default judgment in October 2022.

Source: Patch