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Driver Knocks Down a Row of Mailboxes in Concord’s West End

CONCORD, NH — Police and fire and rescue teams were sent to Little Pond Road in Concord’s West End for a rollover crash on Monday.

Around noon, the driver of a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, traveling east, incorrectly navigated the turn just before the road’s intersection with Pond Place Lane and crashed into a row of mailboxes, rolling the truck. The large granite stands the mailboxes were installed to shattered into multiple pieces.

Some pieces of granite were thrown more than six feet from the crash site.

The driver also knocked out a street sign warning motorists of the sharp curve in the area. The miles per hour drop down to 20 mph in the area. But drivers rarely adhere to the speed limit. It is at least the fifth time the mailboxes have been knocked out in the past two decades due to crashes in the area.

EMTs and police checked out the driver and he was OK. Fire and rescue teams then cleared. Police stayed at the scene, directing one lane of traffic, until the crash was cleared. Patsy’s was called to turn the pickup truck on its right side and tow it away.

Source: Patch