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Concord Park’s Holiday Festival of Lights Attracts Visitors From Far and Wide

The Holiday Festival of Lights at Concord Park has been a Christmas staple in Knox County for 25 years, giving those that come to the lakeside during the winter a chance to enjoy the holiday season with their families.

Hunter Stowman’s message? Enjoy the decorations while you can.

“My favorite part about Christmas is the lights,” Stowman said.

The lights and music are exactly why he and his family drove to West Knox County to enjoy the Cove’s collection of lights.

“It’s changed to where people don’t decorate as much as they used to,” Kelsie Hall said. “So to be able to have a place like this to come with friends and family to enjoy some Christmas time together, you’re more likely to feel happier because the lights just bring spirit to everything while you’re around.”

Despite living in Madisonville, Stowman said that he loves to bask in the holiday spirit while encouraging others to get out and do so as well.

“A lot of people don’t get to experience this Christmas cheer,” Stowman said.

Molly Burke and her family drove all the way from Florida to join in on the fun, emphasizing that there is nothing quite like a Smoky Mountain Christmas.

“Florida doesn’t feel Christmas-y because it’s so hot. All the decorations here and everything, it makes it feel more like Christmas,” Burke said. “It’s memories we’ll never forget so I think it’s very important.”

As Hall pointed out, simple yet small factors such as decorations ultimately lead everyone to understanding one aspect of what Christmas is all about.

“As long as you spread cheer throughout with lights and with other people, I feel like family will come together in the end,” Hall said.

Source : Wate