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Concord Geology Department Awarded Grant

The Geology department at Concord University has been awarded a $40,000 grant from the state of West Virginia.

This comes on the heels of the over $600,000 in grant money they were awarded from the federal Department of Education in order to study Rare Earth Elements.

Dr. Steven Kuehn said they have big plans for the funding.

“And so the idea here is to enhance the facilities and capabilities,” said Kuehn. “And so, we’re already kind of starting from something a little bit special, so this is the only place in West Virginia where there is an electron microprobe, so we have a unique resource already. So we’re trying to take that to the next level, as sometimes people say.”

The department is home to the only electron microprobe in West Virginia; a machine that takes x-rays of materials put underneath it and gives a chemical breakdown of their make up.

Dr. Kuehn said that they plan on using the microprobe and the funding in order to assist industries in the area with several projects.

Source : WFSNTV