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Campaign Finance Details Unveiled for at-large Race

NEWBURYPORT — Candidates running for at-large City Council seats this fall reaped and spent plenty of money over the course of the election with the high watermark around $4,000, according to records obtained by The Daily News.

All four at-large city councilors who ran for reelection Nov. 7, Mark Wright, Afroz Khan, Ed Cameron and Connie Preston, won their campaigns. A trio of challengers, former Ward 2 Councilor Jared Eigerman and political newcomers Dyke Hendrickson and Matt Kane, also ran for at-large seats on the council, but all came up short.

At-large Councilor Bruce Vogel did not run for another two-year term, leaving his seat open. Ward 3 Councilor Heather Shand will fill it in January after her successful campaign.

Shand took in $3,925 from Jan. 23 to Oct. 29, which she added to a prior balance of $936.42. She then spent $3,308.70 during that time.

Shand received a $1,000 donation from her sister, state Rep. Dawne Shand, D-Newburyport, as well as a $500 donation from the Massachusetts and Northern New England Laborers District Council, and a $250 donation from Charles Street resident Tom Kennedy. Eagle Street resident Juliet Walker also donated $250. Munroe Street residents Carolyn and Steve Johnson gave Shand $200.

Shand spent $3,226.73 at Connolly Printing for mailers, signs and door hangers, as well as $81.97 on service fees with ActBlue Technical Services of Somerville.

City records show Wright took in $472.28 between Jan. 1 and Oct. 20 as a loan to himself, and he spent the same amount for signs from Woburn’s Connelly Printing.

Kane collected $3,200 from June 1 to Oct. 30 and spent $3,105.37 in that same time. Kane gave himself $1,000 and also received a $300 donation from Mike Colletti, who lists a post office box in Newburyport as his address, as well as $250 donations from Christopher Street resident Taavo Godtfredsen, Jefferson Street resident Jake King, High Street resident Lynn Schow and Curzon Mill Road resident Sara Thurston.

Kane spent $87 for monthly website charges at Campaign Partners of Still River, $788.59 for lawn signs at 4 Over, $850 for newspaper sticker advertisement with North Andover’s North of Boston Media Group (which is the parent company of The Daily News), $248.93 at Waltham’s Vistaprint for door knockers, $343.82 at Uprinting for campaign T-shirts and $725.68 at Uberprints for campaign hats and T-shirts, among other things.

Cameron brought in $3,545.67 from Jan. 1 till Oct. 29 and spent $1,570.67 (which he loaned himself.)

Cameron also received $500 donation from Harding Avenue resident Bonnie Salt, as well as $100 donations from Hancock Street resident Joseph Cuticchia, Hampton, N.H., resident Jay Iannini, Milk Street resident Barbara Kane, Prospect Street resident Eric Lamy, Broad Street resident Kerry Minichiello and Hancock Street resident Deborah Roltai.

Cameron spent $978.17 for an event at the Port Tavern, as well as $678.17 for signs from Connolly Printing.

Eigerman took in $2,577.78 (all in loans from himself) from May 9 to Oct. 20 and spent the same amount, with a pair of purchases, ($1,149.97, and $1,407.81) going to local companies, The Journeyman Press for flyers, lawn signs and bumper stickers.

Khan earned $2,541.32 from Jan. 1 to Oct. 29, spending $1,412.94 along the way.

Khan received a $1,000 donation from Prospect Street resident Halima Khan, as well as $300 from Arlington resident Farah Shah and $250 from Merrimac Street resident Manan Levy, among lesser donations. She spent $179.30 at 4 Over for lawn signs, $87.51 with ActBlue for online donation fees, and $255.58 for door hangers with Brooklyn, New Hampshire-based Helium Design, among other things.

Preston took in $1,995 and spent $1,159.70 between Jan. 1 and Oct. 24. She received $250 donations from Temple Street resident Karen Jones and Atwood Street resident Alex Rae-Grant, as well as $200 donations from School Street resident Anne Crays and Amesbury resident Suzi Maitland.

Preston spent $710.08 at 4 Over for door hanger and yard sign printing, as well as $388.56 for more door hanger printing with Newburyport’s Brian Callahan Helium Designs, among other things.

Hendrickson brought in $1,750 between Aug. 1 and Oct. 30 and spent $1,233.22.

He spent $187.14 on campaign postcards at Minuteman Press, $307.90 at Shaw’s Supermarket for food for a rally and $65 for a campaign meeting at The Park Lunch. Hendrickson also took in a $1,000 donation from Menlo Park, California resident Peter Wendell as well as $200 donations from Brown Street residents Anne and Alec White, and Byfield resident Joanie Purinton.

Source: The Daily News